Naive Art Promotions draws on some of Quebec’s best naive artists for implementing promotional applications that will

  • Increase sales and profits
  • build loyalty with customers and clients
  • produce a significant ROI on monies spent

We can offer clients unique, one-of-a-kind promotional opportunities for any budget, across all target groups

Business 2 Business


Business 2 Employees


Business 2 Consumers


We have over 50 years of promotional marketing experience in creating and executing successful business building events.

Why Naive Art?

  • it is exceptional, distinctive, impossible to ignore
  • full of passion and attention grabbing visuals
  • bright strong colors with highly detailed images
  • represents memories, dreams, fantasies and scenes from everyday life

Naive Art will

  • generate excitement and awareness
  • engage customers and clients
  • provide a very unique incentive
Call us to see how we can offer a unique solution that will add a special dimension to your promotional plans